Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Activist Council (Organization Membership)

Activist Council Membership (Organization)

Activist Council members are leaders, participants and witnesses in PPF’s Peacemaking efforts in their communities and around the world.  

Activist Council members are invited to meet in person each year to worship, collaborate, conspire, study, organize, and strategize for peace and justice; and to meet periodically via conference call.

Activist Council members commit to follow the nonviolent way of Jesus and be active in and contribute to the work of PPF.

By selecting "Activist Council" below, I confirm my organization's commitment and accept the invitation to join the Activist Council.  Activist Council membership, like Church membership, is perpetual.

Although it is optional, we would like all of our AC members to be PeaceLeaders (recurring donors). If your organization is not already a PeaceLeader, you can set up your recurring donation here.

Organization Information


Organization Primary Contact Information


You may designate a different person to attend AC in person meetings or to attend AC conference calls.  For issues requirting an AC vote, each organization member has one vote regardless of the number or individuals from the organization who attend.

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